National Rank: 400 Regional Rank: 14 Regional Points: 47
Thank you for clicking on this website. My name is Lou Harris and I’m an amateur triathlete. In this website, I hope to explain a little about my passion for triathlon, and the journey it’s taken me on. And also my commitment to helping people get and stay active for all the wonderful benefits it brings to individuals and communities, and how it’s never too late to follow your dreams…
You can follow my progress online - I’m very active on social media and love spreading the benefits of sport to all
Qualified for GB age group, 2012 World Aquathlon champs 1st- Bristol Olympic Distance Triathlon, 2014 and 2015 1st- Minehead sprint tri - 2015 1st – Bideford sprint tri -2015 2nd in Age group- Outlaw half ironman - 2015 2nd in age group, 5th female overall, (10:49) Outlaw Full ironman distance- 2015 Dublin marathon- 3hours 19mins Silver- European Duathlon Champs, Copenhagen, 2016 Bideford Half Marathon, 1:29, qualified for Championship slot for London Marathon. 2nd in Age Group- Staffs 70.3 Ironman, 2016 3rd in Age Group, 10th female overall (10:15) Copenhagen Ironman- 2016 World Ironman Championships, Kona Hawaii, 63rd in Age group, 2016 London Marathon 2017 - 3:05 Outlaw Half 2017 - 3rd in age group, 10th overall female in 5:03 Ironman 70.3 Wimbleball Exmoor - Achieved 3rd in age group in 5:36 Outlaw Full Ironman - 3rd overall, 1st in age group in 10:04 4th in Age Group Ironman Copenhagen 2017, qualified for World Long Distance Champs  2018 Silver All World Athlete Status (Ironman) 2018 Lakesman Middle Distance Tri, 1st in Age group, 3rd Overall female World Long Distance Championships, Denmark, 6th in Age Group, 10th overall female
Since I was a child I have always been a jack of all trades when  it comes to sport but never really excelled in one sport in particular. Life took me travelling, to university, and to many  parts of the UK working in Sport Development, but it was  only when I settled in North Devon 10 years ago, at the age of  27 that I started running, and 30 when I decided to try a triathlon.  After my first 10k in Bideford I was  hooked.  Setting a goal and working hard towards it was such a great feeling.  I became fascinated with how far I could go, and signed up  for a half marathon. In the meantime I lost my Dad to cancer,  and found running helped with grief, it kept something  consistent in my life and therefore a little easier to deal with. The next challenge;  to run my first marathon in Venice for Marie Curie on what was to be my 30th birthday.  Raising nearly £1000 and now hooked at longer distance, I was fuelled to find my next challenge.  Would I one day be able to achieve my ultimate goal of wearing a GB vest in an endurance sport?   Someone told me about this sport of Triathlon, it allowed you to do 3  sports in one (Swim, Bike, Run), so there was an opportunity  firstly for me to learn 2 more sports! I set  my goals high; representing my age group for Great Britain.  And so inbetween working full time the really hard work began…. I had never ridden a road bike, or a bike at all since I was 6! And my swimming was more lead weight than fish like..! But in 2012 I achieved my goal by representing GB at the World  Aquathlon champs (Swim/run) competing on the same course the Brownlee Brothers. A wonderful experience but what was next…? In 2011, after a sprint and Olympic distance triathlon I went long, and completed Wimbleball 70.3 half ironman. The best feeling in the world, and the hardest training yet.  I managed 3 more halves before 2014, and after 11 months of back to back training sessions, 6  days a week and often twice a day around work  commitments, I attempted my first ironman (Outlaw; 3.8k swim. 112  mile bike, 26.2 mile run) coming in just under 12 hours. That night at 3am I sat up in bed and grabbed and pen and paper. I knew I could go faster, but how? One year later, after consistent year round training, dedication, an overhaul of my diet, I had a  breakthrough.  Finishing in 2nd in my age group, and 5th overall  woman at Outlaw Ironman distance triathlon, now was the time to  chase my next big goal; to get to the Ironman World  Champs in Kona, Hawaii within the next 5 years  Another focussed winters training, in Spring 2016 I raced my  way to Silver in the European Duathlon Championships in  Copenhagen, then shortly after achieving  2nd in my age  group at Ironman 70.3 Staffs. In August I went back to  Copenhagen for my first of 5 attempts in Ironman to qualify for Hawaii.  I waited for the gun to go off, to mark one very long day of racing. And to  my utter surprise and delight, I came home in 10 hours 15, achieved a qualifying slot at Ironman World  Champs, Hawaii, 4 years sooner than I had planned!!  The Worlds was the most incredible experience. To race with  my heroes and heroines of the sport, in a tropical paradise,  and finish on the red carpet that has had me in tears so many  times whilst watching it on YouTube on the turbo trainer, still  feels surreal even now!  The race was  hard to describe, so unique and so fabulous to be a part of. But  also brutal too. 40 mph headwinds across mile upon mile of  black lava fields, in 40 degree heat, and competing against the  top ironman triathletes in the world. I was so blessed to  compete in and finish that race, and I would desperately love to go  back for a second chance. In  2019 I aim to return, stronger, faster, fitter and ready to race for  the chance to be on the stage collecting a prize for being top 5  in my age group in the World.  
2017 had highs and lows. A broken wrist, brutal training for London Marathon but a 3hours 5 mins finish time was something I am very proud of, and scared from!!! More races followed, getting stronger as the season went on. The last ever ironman 70.3 at  Wimbleball, Exmoor. My home for 20 years and a very special place, this is where I completed my first 70.3 2011. I knocked off 1 hour 23 minutes and ran myself into  3rd in my age group.  But my proudest moment in 2017 was Outlaw full ironman in July. I raced in the company of some exceptional female  athletes and achieved a pb of 10:04, 3rd overall female and a classic beer shower podium! Now its 2018 and this season will take on a different look again. I have 2 goals this year; one is to get married to my wonderful, supportive (and patient!)  fiancé in April, and the other is to qualify for the World Champs in Hawaii again in August. Both events requiring much preparation! But by far the most important thing to me, and what keeps me  going when I get tired, demotivated and when training and racing hurts so much, is that I can hope to  inspire other people into Sport and activity.  Regardless of age, where you live, your  personal or professional situations, to take up sport and  activity is such a wonderfully positive thing to do in your life.  Sport has the ability to transform your life. It has the power to  make you feel great about yourself, to find a new community  to spend time with. It expands your horizons, inspires your children and friends, and keeps your body and mind healthy.  I have always been excited about the prospect of more women and girls taking part in sport too. Working in the Sport for Social Change sector has helped me realise that its us who puts the barriers up to participation. But whereas there is an upward trend in participation, there is still so much to do.  75% of girls aged 13-18 have heard disparaging comments about women in sport. Women’s sport counts for only 3% of media coverage, and less than 1% of corporate investment goes into Women’s sport. Only 8% of girls currently take part in the recommended amounts of Physical Activity. This makes me even more determined to spread the word of how positive sport can be in people’s lives. I hope that through my races, training, volunteering and short journey within the triathlon world I can help in some small way to highlight that EVERYONE has the right to take part in sport. I want to support people to have a far elevated view of their possibilities and set their goals high, because anything is possible, even if you start later in life and don’t let these barriers, or any barriers,  stop you.  No excuses folks!
My  performance during the 2016 season positioned me in the top 1% of my age group, earning  The IRONMAN Gold All World Athlete status.
GOLD All World Athlete 2017
Ironman Vichy, 26th August 2018 Goal: 1st in Age Group and Qualify for Kona 2019 Ironman 70.3 Weymouth, 23rd September 2018 Goal: 1st in Age Group and Qualify for World 70.3 champs 2019
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SILVER All World Athlete 2018
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